Please note: we have had a small increase in our subscription fees. This is the first increase in a number of years. Please don’t hesitate to call the office should you wish to discuss this.

Market Reports for Fruit and Vegetable Growers

Many growers have been reluctant to subscribe to Fruit and Vegetable Market Reports because of the costs that are involved. This may have led to a perception that Fruit and Vegetable Reports are not readily available and, in turn, contributed to recently stated concerns about a lack of transparency in market based transactions.

The cost of accessing Fruit and Vegetable Market Reports is driven by the need for Reporting Services to fund their activities from the services that they provide. There is no direct funding for the collection and dissemination of market intelligence from any sector of the Industry. This situation is possibly unique to the Fruit and Vegetable Industry.

Market Information Services recognizes that growers have an important role in price setting and need to become more involved in the process. We believe that this can only occur if growers have access to up to date independently sourced information. They also need to be prepared to discuss their returns with their wholesales to ensure that payments to them are in line with reported prices on the day. Greater equality between growers and wholesalers will only be achieved when the parties are operating on a more level playing field.  

Savings with Growers Reports have been achieved by compiling reports that only contain information applicable to the growers needs. Market Reports generally contain a lot of additional information which would not be applicable in these circumstances but contributes significantly to the cost of compiling and delivering reports. Our Grower Report options for Queensland growers will include only prices for Queensland produce sold in the Brisbane Market. Growers from other States can also utilise the Grower Report option and will receive only prices applicable to produce from their State of origin sold in the Brisbane Market.

There are three Grower Report options. All three services are priced the same and each allows growers to nominate up to five different crops to be included. The selection of crops can be changed at any time during the subscription. Grower Reports are :-

Daily Reports delivered by Email on Mondays and Thursdays or

Daily Reports delivered by Email on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays or

A Weekly Summary delivered by Email each Friday.

The cost is the same in each instance. See Grower Order Form. All subscriptions are on pre-paid basis and services will only commence after payment is finalized.   

 A Grower Report Order Form is included on this website.